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delicious barbecue in Sapa


Traveling to Sapa on windy days, what is more appropriate than going to eat grilled food, this is a favorite dish of many tourists and eating in Sapa is even more delicious and attractive because this country has both a paradise. The road is full of delicious baked goods.

Sapa, the land of clouds, is not only famous for its beautiful tourist spots or special dishes with bold ethnic characteristics in the Northwest, it is also known as a barbecue paradise with many quality restaurants. amount. These delicious barbecue restaurant in Sapa is always an attractive rendezvous for foodies, sitting next to smoky trays of baked goods, just coming out of the oven and chatting with friends is definitely an experience everyone wants to enjoy. Enjoyed when travel to Sapa cold winter days.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Sapa has many attractive barbecue restaurants. Photo: CARD

Discover the most attractive barbeque restaurants in Sapa to "unstamp" grilled food

Ha Luc Xoi restaurant

Ha Luc Xoi is one of the delicious barbecue in Sapa This shop is very familiar with tourists, this shop is located in the area of ​​Sapa ancient stone church, so it is very convenient for visitors to find. The space is spacious, clean, overlooking the street, so it is very cool.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Ha Luc Xoi is a very famous barbecue restaurant in Sapa. Photo: FB / Ha Luc Xoi Barbecue

The menu at Ha Luc Xoi restaurant is very rich with attractive grilled skewers such as grilled pork, grilled goat, grilled beef, vegetables, skewers. All dishes are beautifully prepared and presented for diners to choose from. In particular, in addition to grilled dishes, the restaurant also serves hotpot sticky rice, porridge, bread, snail dishes, so if you want to change the taste between the restaurant, you will also have a lot of options.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
The grilled meat skewers are very attractive and eye-catching. Photo: FB. Ha Luc Xoi Barbecue

Location: No. 24 Ngu Chi Son Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai

Price: From 10.000 VND to 300.000 VND

Business hours: 8:00 - 23:00

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Hoang Lien Sapa Grill Shop

This is delicious barbecue restaurant in Sapa Very popular with foodies because of its airy space, rich barbecue and very affordable prices. Hoang Lien Sapa Restaurant has an extremely diverse menu of dishes, which are always fresh and carefully prepared. All ingredients are prepared in advance so serving is very quick.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Hoang Lien barbecue restaurant has many attractive dishes. Photo: CARD

In addition to grilled skewers such as beef, chicken, pork, offal, the shop also has very rustic grilled dishes such as grilled corn, bamboo rice, baked potatoes or baked eggs. Not only fresh ingredients, but also the divine dipping sauce of this Sapa barbecue restaurant is a special highlight that attracts visitors.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Barbecue "Mlem" of the restaurant is very "Mlem". Photo: @Nga_mum

Sapa Ancient Grilled Restaurant

Traveling to Sapa, If you want to enjoy the most attractive grilled dishes of Sapa, then Ba Lich's barbecue restaurant is the address you should pocket. The shop is located in the center of town, so it is easy to find, polite and clean space. This is the address to eat grilled food in Sapa for a long time, so you can be completely assured of the quality and the affordable price.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Miss calendar is a popular barbecue restaurant in Sapa. Photo: @bayvaonganha

Ba Lich's restaurant has an attractive menu including typical dishes with bold flavors of the Northwest mountains such as pork skewers, beef rolls with cabbage leaves, pork ribs, lam rice, shredded chicken... The grilled dishes are very well presented. mouth-watering. attractive for diners to freely choose according to their preferences.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
The restaurant's barbecue has a rich flavor. Photo: @seu_xinh_xan

Hai Yen Grilled Hot Pot Buffet Sapa

Delicious barbecue in Sapa This resort is highly appreciated by many tourists for its elegant and luxurious space, which is an ideal swimming pool to enjoy parties with friends and family. The restaurant has a menu of more than 60 most typical specialties of the Northwest cuisine of Lao Cai .

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Hai Yen restaurant space is very modern. Photo: FB. Hai Yen Restaurant.

The barbeque menu of this restaurant is also very attractive, including many rich dishes, the dipping sauce is seasoned and delicious. In particular, the restaurant has a quality hot pot buffet menu with many delicious dishes for visitors to choose from. If you do not want to go to popular restaurants, Hai Yen Sapa hot pot buffet will be the perfect choice for you.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Super attractive barbecue of Hai Yen Sapa restaurant. Photo: FB / Hai Yen restaurant

H'mong BBQ restaurant

This Sapa barbecue shop Just by hearing the name, diners will feel the full flavor of local cuisine, this is also a barbeque restaurant that many tourists put in their notebooks. My Sapa Lao Cai travel experience . .

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Impressive rustic space of H'Mong BBQ restaurant. Photo: FB / H'Mong BBQ.

The space is simple but impressive, creating excitement for diners when visiting. The menu of the restaurant is very rich with all kinds of meat to vegetables. The topping trays are displayed in a very prominent area of ​​the restaurant so diners can observe and choose right away. Not only has delicious grilled food, but the restaurant also has a professional service style so you don't need to wait long even though it's crowded.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
The grilled dishes here are very attractive. Photo: @littlmissandrea

Cau May Grilled Restaurant

Delicious barbeque restaurant in Sapa Cau May is located in the center of town, close to Sapa lake, so it is ideal for you to enjoy food while watching the scenery and breathing the fresh air.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Cau May Restaurant is located in the central area. Photo: FB / Cau May Restaurant

The restaurant is famous for its extensive barbecue menu, from meat and fish dishes to clean vegetables of Sapa. The dishes are presented very eye-catching and clean, marinated with various spices, so it is suitable for the taste of the majority of diners, Especially, in addition to the grilled menu, the famous hot pot dishes of Sapa at home goods such as hot pot. Salmon and sturgeon hotpot are also very good.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
Delicious grilled dishes of the restaurant. Photo: FB / Cau May Restaurant

Address: : No. 92 Ngu Chi Son Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai

Reference price: 100.000đ - 500.000đ

Business hours: 10:00 - 22:00

Gia Bao grilled tile restaurant

If you want to enjoy in a polite and luxurious space with a different style, Gia Bao tile-roasted restaurant is the place you can refer. Besides the attractive menu, richly seasoned, the way to bake food on hot tiles will be a special experience for you.

delicious barbecue in Sapa
The restaurant space is very luxurious. Photo: @ monlysa2010

A special feature of the way of grilling is that the food is cooked very evenly, soft, not burnt and the taste also becomes more attractive. The restaurant's outstanding barbecue menu includes premium beef, pork, seafood including shrimp, squid, octopus, in addition, the restaurant also serves a variety of hotpots such as Sichuan hot pot, fish hot pot. Salmon, sturgeon special dishes porridge, vermicelli, rice attractive

delicious barbecue in Sapa
The restaurant's tiled grill is very inviting. Photo: @aoletigre

Location: No. 498 Dien Bien Phu Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai

Reference price: 85.000đ - 1.200.000đ

Business hours: 10:00 - 23:00

Coming to Sapa and choosing for yourself a suitable barbecue restaurant to blend in the cold Northwest of the evening, sipping hot grilled skewers with the unique delicious flavor of this country will definitely be the best experience. . Make a note of the list now delicious barbecue restaurants in Sapa Click here to check in as soon as you have the opportunity to come to this country.

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