Where to go and play at night in Ha Long?

Ha Long is considered a charming place of painting and water, a beautiful ink painting. If during the day the heritage city wears on itself the beautiful beauty of the fairyland, at night it is shimmering and fanciful under the shimmering dim lights. Where to go to Ha Long at night, what to play will be the content that Tripmap.vn wants to send to you in the article below.

The shimmering beauty of Ha Long at dusk

Where to go and play at night in Ha Long?
The coastal city is brilliant under the colored lights


If anyone has ever set foot in Ha Long, wandering on the streets will certainly not forget the brilliant, majestic and sparkling scenery of the coastal city when night falls. At this time, the streets, seaports and bridges here under the light of colored lights become more charming and mysterious than ever. Night falls is also the time when entertainment venues such as bars and restaurants open to welcome visitors.

Places like Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay bridge, Bai Chay coastal road, Hon Gai, the old town, Sunword Ha Long are all extremely romantic and affectionate. On the heritage bay, overnight cruises slowly drift on the sea at night, brightening up a sea of ​​water and mountains. Or Bai Chay bridge is like the strings in the middle of the sparkling starry sky, the old town becomes more and more mysterious, the love is the scene for young people to check-in, live the best virtual life.

Or Sunword Ha Long's sun rotation is even more spectacular, strangely attractive, from afar at Tuan Chau port, it is also bright in the middle of an immense sea. At the foot of Bai Chay Bridge, the bustling street, once bursting with visitors, the street was humid, and the restaurant exuded a nose-splitting scent.

It can be said that no matter from any angle, Ha Long at night is also colorful, magical, gorgeous, peaceful and captivating.

Attractive places of Ha Long at night

Ha Long Bay

Where to go and play at night in Ha Long?

Ha Long Bay is busy with overnight cruises

If during the day the heritage bay is a loving and gentle blue, when the night falls, it is very illusory. The overnight yachts shine as if stirring up a blue sea. Looking out from the shore, each green mountain range is hidden, appearing among the green, red, purple, and yellow lights, among the echoing lyrical music. Visitors seem to be immersed in another world, listening to the clear sound of nature, listening to the sound of the sea, the cool night wind, breathing in the pure and fresh air, the soul becomes more and more relaxed. unusual attitude.

Bai Chay Bridge

Where to go and play at night in Ha Long?

Dubbed the Ha Long palace, it is a bridge connecting the two banks of Bai Chay and Hon Gai. Standing on the bridge, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the beach, the streets and the brightly lit tall buildings inside the coastal city. Under the Cua Luc stream, visitors will encounter small and large boats quietly floating along the water.

In particular, at night, the whole bridge is shimmering and colorful, printed on the beautiful sparkling water surface. If you have the opportunity to walk on the bridge at night to listen to the sound of the wind, the gentle waves of the waves in harmony with the sounds of life, there is nothing more exciting than that.

Ha Long Night Market


Located on the beautiful Bai Chay beach, Ha Long night market is a shopping, sightseeing and entertainment destination for tourists every night. The market starts to open to visitors from 6pm and operates until late at night.

Here visitors will be able to expand their eyes with stalls selling souvenirs, jewelry, jewelry ... handmade from seashells, snail shells ... Or clothes stalls with pictures of Ha Long Bay, Street food is extremely eye-catching and delicious.

Ha Long night food street

Where to go and play at night in Ha Long?
Ha Long night food street with a variety of food menus


This is the search address for saints who eat at night. Enjoy delicious, greasy seafood while watching the romantic night sea. With more than 80 stalls selling all kinds of seafood and local dishes at very reasonable prices, it is one of the unique sea food experiences for visitors.

Bai Chay beach bar

Where to go and play at night in Ha Long?
Polite, luxurious, lyrical space is the attraction of Bai Chay beach bar


Bai Chay beach bars mainly operate at night. The outdoor bar space is very spacious and airy, visitors can enjoy drinks, listen to music, talk, have fun, and watch the Ha Long sea. Bar is designed in a youthful and novel style to attract young people, visitors here can sit or comfortably move and exchange.

It can be said that Ha Long is not only beautiful and attractive during the day, but at night it is equally romantic, bustling and attractive. And this tourist land is forever a bright name on the domestic tourism map and international tourism.

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