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Urban Food Street


Not only known as a unique fruit street in Buderim, Australia, Urban Food Street is also an attractive tourist destination where you will feel the great taste of the countryside with a little "fragrance". fields, domestic wind” when traveling to the beautiful Kangaroo country.

Can you believe that in the suburbs of beautiful Australia there is an “edible” street, and that is Urban food street . On this road, the two sides of the road are planted with extremely fresh organic vegetables, but just by trying a piece of fruit here, you can feel the sweet taste that is rarely found anywhere else. In particular, when you come here, you can eat and drink delicious fruits without worrying about paying because everything is free.

Urban Food StreetWhen traveling to Australia, remember to visit the "edible" urban food street. Photo: Nomad living

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The origins of Urban Food Street – the 'unique' fruit street in Buderim

In 2009, just because the price of fruit was too expensive, local people decided to build fruit road for everyone to enjoy for free and Urban Food Street was born from there. Urban Food Fruit Road located in Buderim, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Urban Food StreetUrban Food Street - a unique fruit street in Buderim. Photo: Nomad living

At that time, an orange was marketed for between $1,5 and $2, and this price made people find it unacceptable. So Mr. Duncan McNaught and Mrs. Caroline Kemp decided to grow their own to eat.

Urban Food StreetJust because the price of fruit is too expensive, Urban Food Street was born. Photo: Nomad living

At first, they just wanted to plant a few orange trees in their garden, but then they decided to plant them on both sides of the road for people to pick and eat. This idea has attracted many others, and together they have made it Urban food street into a vegetable garden.

Urban Food StreetMr. Duncan McNaught and Ms. Caroline Kemp are the originators of the idea of ​​building Urban Food Street. Photo: Nomad living
Initial, Urban Food Street There are only a few orange trees, but gradually, with the help of many people, it has been expanded into a large farm with 11 branches and many kinds of fresh green vegetables. such as banana, lavender, pomegranate, dragon fruit, strawberry, tomato, kale, kale, lettuce, sweet potato, cabbage, mint; … No exaggeration, come to This fruity Australian road , you can find everything you want.
Urban Food StreetInitially, Urban Food Street had only a few orange trees. Photo: Nomad living
Urban Food StreetBut gradually it became a vegetable garden. Photo: Nomad living
Urban Food StreetAll vegetables at Urban Food Street. Photo: Nomad living
Urban Food StreetAll vegetables at Urban Food Street. Photo: Nomad living

Urban food street: The road that connects people

In addition to eating free fresh vegetables, Urban food street It also plays an important role in helping people become more united and harmonious.

Urban Food StreetUrban food street: The road connecting people. Photo: Nomad living

Ms. Caroline Kemp said “Every afternoon, children in the area go to the street to play, play soccer, and play video games. Adults who come here will bring baskets to pick vegetables and fruits to eat. They not only waved goodbye when they met, but also chatted happily, thanks to that, the village friendship was also closer. It feels like everyone is a relative! "

Urban Food StreetIt feels like everyone is close to each other. Photo: Nomad living

Urban food street: Bringing the scent of domestic wind into the city

Architect Caroline Kemp said: “The ever-growing city brings us great benefits but at the same time separates us from nature. However, if you are standing on Urban food street , you will see completely different”.

Urban Food StreetUrban food street: Bringing the scent of domestic wind into the city. Photo: Nomad living

"People just go out and breathe a little scent of nature in their chest, and feel happier when in front of their eyes is a green landscape, ripe fruit."

“In addition, the climate in this area is quite hot, so the trees in Urban food street It also creates a lot of shade, which is convenient for people to exercise."

“We hope that through Urban Food Street , we want to change the design of the previous city, bring a local breeze into the city and protect the environment and healthy lifestyle for the local people.”

Urban Food StreetEveryone just went outside, while breathing in the chest a little scent of nature. Photo: Nomad living

Needless to say, this street full of vegetables and fruits has solved the worries of local people such as safe food, polluted city, neighboring neighbors and healthy lifestyle.

So it's not too surprising that more and more people want to come to this area and Australian tourists Is no exception. Even many people here after selling their houses left a note that Urban food street is a wonderful place. One website reports that the town has 2 million visitors, all of whom commented that they wanted to come here.

Urban Food StreetNo wonder more and more people want to come to this area. Photo: Nomad living

Today, the residents of this neighborhood are coming up with the idea of ​​​​a vegetable street of Urban Food Street to design a new item to help people elsewhere improve the street, creating a closed neighborhood: closed. abundance, sharing food, good health and harmony.

Urban Food StreetMaybe one day, we will live in a place surrounded by trees, like Urban Food Street. Photo: Facebook
Maybe one day, we will live in a place surrounded by green trees, pineapples, bustling with joy. Urban food street this?

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