Visitors have an interesting experience when fishing for fresh squid on Ha Long Bay

This is the squid season in Ha Long, Quang Ninh. When it comes to squid fishing season in Quang Ninh, many tourists who want to experience rent a boat directly holding a fishing rod to fish for fresh squid.
6 pm, fisherman Pham Van Thoi (Ha Long City) busy preparing supplies to serve the group of tenants Ha Long Bay colt ink. Generators, large lights, fishing rods, life jackets, cooking utensils are the things that Mr. Thoi must prepare on his trip to bring guests to squid fishing. According to this fisherman's many years of seafaring experience, in order to fish for squid, it is dark without the moon, the tide is high, the place to park the boat is near the foot of the rocky mountain on Ha Long Bay. .

Each squid fishing boat will carry 10 guests per fishing trip

“The squid follow the swarm and will float to find prey in places with light, when the moon is bright, the lights are not effective, before receiving guests I also have to consult first if I can't catch squid. , customers will not be able to catch squid. It will be very sad”, said fisherman Thoi.

The price of each night squid fishing trip is 2 million / 10 guests, 4 hours long. Guests will be served fishing rods with fake bait, the houseboat prepares a pot of sour water if guests need to eat on the boat. The fishing trip will start from dusk until midnight.

The houseboat side prepares the lights before squid fishing

Mr. Nguyen Thai Chung (SN 1989) said that this was the first time experiencing this type of fish, so he was very excited, the feeling of seeing fresh squid caught from the sea made him very excited.

"When I caught the squid, I always put it in a pot of pre-cooked sour water, and the fresh squid was even more delicious than ever before," said Mr. Chung. In addition, if the amount of squid caught is high, visitors can bring it home to eat and as a gift for the family.

Visitors will sit on the side of the boat right where the lights are on to fish for squid
If you don't eat it all, you will bring the squid back after the fishing experience
For each 4-hour trip, fishermen will be paid a fee of 2 million VND, this service is attracting tourists in the summer

Pham Cong (Vietnamnet)

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