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    Dragon Park entrance ticket included

  • Suitable for young children?

    Need an adult to accompany

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  • Additional Notes

    - Minimum height accompanied by an adult: 85 cm.
    - Minimum height traveling alone: ​​1 cm.
    Maximum height: 195 cm.


For children, the magical space of fairy tales is always especially attractive, stimulating curiosity and discovery. Capturing that preference as well as that mentality, the designers of Sun World Ha Long Complex has extremely creatively brought the simple image of daily life into the Magic Cup - Choco-Cups, bringing exciting moments of relaxation for the children.

Discover the charm of Choco-Cups for children

Choco-Cups / Magic Cup
Children enjoy being themselves, controlling the magic cup of the beautiful Alice, traveling into the magical fairyland.

In the open-air campus, a set of giant tea pots decorated with fairy colors, capable of moving and rotating, along with fun and soothing music, will especially attract children with disabilities. pediatric.

In the middle is a large pot of tea, surrounded by colorful cups, the plate under the cup turns into wheels, in the cup can hold 3 adults or 4 teenagers and has a steering wheel for children self-control the direction of movement. Adults can join their children in this game.

Choco-Cups not only brings fun spins, but also helps children think back to magical fairy tales such as Alice's Magic Cup, which has the ability to magically transform. At the same time, Choco-Cups brings them back to the innocent, sparkling, magical childhood world and directs their souls to good human values, away from the temptations of unhealthy video games. .

Experience of young tourists at Coc Than Coc

Choco-Cups / Magic Cup
Parents can let their children explore freely in the Magic Cup

Participating in playing at the Magic Cup, young visitors can immerse themselves in the fun, cool and airy outdoor atmosphere, comfortably sit in magic cups to rotate interesting circles.

Listening to happy music again is like being lost in some magical world. There is nothing more exciting than sitting in a magic cup, transforming into the guests of a wonderland, experiencing many thrilling events, and discovering a mysterious new world.

Safety rules when participating in the Magic Cup

Game Type:

This is a game for young travelers. However, parents can join their children to experience as well as ensure their safety while having fun.

Safety regulations:

  • Minimum height accompanied by an adult: 85 cm.
  • Minimum height traveling alone: ​​1 cm.
  • Maximum height: 195cm.

Fun time

In order to create an airy and natural space, the Magic Cup is designed outdoors, so the family can let the children experience other games and spend time with Choco-Cups in the morning, or near the afternoon, or on cool weather days to ensure health as well as create a more exciting atmosphere.

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