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Necessary information

  • Fare

    Dragon Park entrance ticket included

  • Children

    Need an adult to accompany

  • Old person

    Not suitable

  • Pregnant

    Not suitable

  • Additional Notes

    - Minimum height accompanied by an adult: 121 - 135 cm.
    - Minimum height traveling alone: ​​1 - 135 cm.
    Maximum height: 196 cm.


Dragon Park, also known as Dragon Park, is known as the first largest theme park in Asia, managed by the Parques Reunidos group of Spain. This is the leading entertainment brand of Sun Group. Possessing a game list of up to 30 adventure games of all levels, Dragon Park always promises to bring visitors the most impressive and new entertainment moments. In particular, on hot summer days across the North, it is really refreshing to immerse yourself in the cool, clear blue water of the challenging river, race at speed and try your hand at surfing through the reefs. enjoy.

The River of Challenges
Visitors are excited when participating in conquering the pitfalls on the challenging river

What does the challenging river attract tourists by?

Special thrilling game with water

The game is designed to be a flooded river with strong artificial waves like hurricanes in the vast ocean. At the bottom of the river are arranged dangerous underground pitfalls that will be horizontal obstacles on your way. The player's task is to control his ship to surf on the water, overcome the underground pitfalls and the big waves to safety at the end of the river.

Participating in the game, visitors can freely play with the water waves in the cool, blue water. Try and feel yourself with the strong, rushing speed of the water waves, as if you are drifting and it is easy to be submerged in a storm of waves in the middle of the ocean. At the same time, it also gives you interesting experiences with the team when you can directly control your ship to overcome unexpected underground pitfalls, feeling like a sailor.

Very natural entertainment space

The challenging river is surrounded by a garden full of natural colors. The trees are green, the flowers are fresh, the rocks are mixed with the rock formations of various shapes. You seem to be lost in the middle of a desert island, having to go through and face many mysterious challenges. This is really a good combination between entertainment and nature, between ideas and creativity of the designer to bring visitors the most realistic and vivid experiences.

Instructions on how to play at the river of challenges

Who is the river of challenge for?

Game type: This is a game for teenagers and adults, especially young people. Revealing to you will be extremely interesting if you join the team, have a companion to contribute to conquering challenges and share the feeling of passionate fun.

Height restrictions:

  •  Minimum height accompanied by an adult: 121 - 135 cm.
  •  Minimum height traveling alone: ​​1 - 135 cm.
  •  Maximum height: 196cm.

How to play

This is a thrilling game for young people who love to explore, take risks, master strong speed and especially not get seasick. And remember to join your teammates, teams, groups.

Joining the game you should be calm, confident, mentally ready to overcome the pitfalls and freely mess around, because the feature ensures extreme safety for players. All equipment and challenges have been trialled and tested to the most rigorous standards, so you can rest assured that you can enjoy relaxing and extremely cool moments with water.

It can be said that the challenging river is one of the attractive entertainments, especially suitable and attracts a lot of young people when coming to Dragon Park on hot summer days. This is also the ideal check-in space, giving birth to the most authentic and unique photos.

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