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  • Additional Notes

    Height restrictions:
    - Maximum height: 140 cm
    - From 0 - 120 cm (Accompanied by an adult)


Continuous tornado

Designed in the shape of a tornado, the “Continuous Cyclone” spiral slide takes you through a sense of adventure and enjoys the joy of victory as you pass through the center of the giant tornado.

* Height restrictions:

  • Maximum height: 140 cm
  • From 0 - 120 cm (Accompanied by an adult)

Summer tourism is always a topic of special interest to tourists. Where to go to avoid the heat, you can enjoy playing and exercising without losing a drop of sweat in the sweltering heat of the North. Perhaps, the water park – Typhoon Water Park It is the perfect place for your extended family. Convergence of 12 new unique and world-class water games such as sun bay, lazy river, Tropical storm, Dragon ride over waterfall…and indispensable for a continuous tornado – a thrilling game that is extremely attractive to young tourists.

Continuous tornado
Game "Continuous tornado" in Sun World HaLong Complex

Continuous tornadoes - extremely interesting game for young tourists

This is an adventurous amusement that challenges the courage and fortitude of the player on at breakneck speed and altitude. Joining the game you can imagine the path, the terrible destructive power and the heart of a tornado will take place.

There are still water slides with a curling design that roll players from above down with the water at extremely high speed and the sliding posture is always changing. At times through a straight slope, sometimes through a circular pipe, and most impressively through the center of the vortex encounter a violent flow of water. You seem to be thrown up high, then roll in a circle, plunge straight into the lake as if you just fell from a waterfall.

Every movement takes place in only a few tens of seconds, making you go from surprise to surprise with extremely refreshing laughter and an unprecedented feeling of coolness when you are free falling with water.

Share experiences when participating in a tornado

With such thrilling games, it is especially suitable for young people who are dynamic, like to take risks and are not afraid of heights, used to speed. However, with the first time participating, you do not need to be too stressed because the entertainment system is installed, tested, and tested on the most rigorous standard system of TUV - the prestigious accreditation association of Vietnam. Germany and is always supervised by seasoned experts from Europe.

The most important thing is to be confident, relax your body and mix with the water, you will succeed. And regulations for players that have a minimum height of 140cm or more and are children must be accompanied by an adult.

Participating in the continuous tornado, visitors not only experience a world-class game system but also admire a natural space filled with 135.000 shrubs, flowers, and more than 3.500 trees along with many rocky mountains. artificially like being on a magic island nation so.

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