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Moc tea shop was built in the traditional Japanese architecture, giving visitors a quiet space and a sense of peace thanks to a great combination of architecture, tea ceremony, music and natural scenery. poem.

Walking around mystical hill, lightly go to find pleasure in the separate space of the land of Phu Tang, visitors are mesmerized by the pure beauty of the Japanese garden, surprised by the design. Bonsai house Zen style, enjoy the traditional tea ceremony culture at Moc Tra Quan… It seems that you have collected all the quintessence of a Japanese country in your eyes.

Moc tea shop was built according to traditional Japanese architecture, giving visitors a quiet space and a sense of peace thanks to a great combination of architecture, tea ceremony, music and natural scenery. Poetry, mystery.

Admire the unique architectural space at Moc Tra Quan

Moc tea shop
Moc Tra Quan is a harmonious design between classical and modern architecture

It can be said that the architectural space here shows a unique cultural style of the Japanese, which is the architectural style of Zen school according to Mahayana Buddhist thought. It is a harmonious combination between three elements of nature - design - people. Lost in the campus of Moc Tra Quan are the shadows of ancient trees such as pine, cypress, pine, or rows of slender, green bamboo, even extremely unique bonsai shapes, wild flowers. swinging in the wind.

Especially, the house architecture is extremely simple and simple, but it has a high and delicate beauty. The campus in front of the shop is impressive with a model of tea ceremony, from tea picking utensils to teapots floating overhead, tea cups, water jars. The roof is made of thatch, the wooden house is painted in red-brown, charcoal, and black colors, representing the harmonious yin and yang colors, creating a rockery shape. The system of paper doors with minimally simplified lines is very simple.

Immerse yourself in the spacious natural space

Moc tea shop
The evening at Moc Tra Quan becomes shimmering and fanciful amidst the majestic nature

The space of Moc Tra Quan is like a giant painting on the top of Ba Deo mountain. Looking out into the distance are rolling hills, romantic bays, a Ha Long City full of life and great masterpieces of Sun World Ha Long Complex.

Here, the air is especially fresh and cool, the scenery is especially pure, in the morning, the way is covered with fog, and in the afternoon, white clouds are covered. The blurred, virtual scene captivates people. In particular, in the evening, the whole Moc Tra Quan is shimmering and fanciful under colored lights, which is a suitable place to chat and talk with friends and relatives.

Enjoy the tea ceremony - the quintessence of traditional Japanese culture

Moc tea shop
Going to Moc Tra Quan can not miss enjoying the quintessence of Japanese cuisine.

Tea ceremony is a quintessence in Japanese cuisine, coming to Moc Tra Quan to enjoy this elegant pleasure is like being purified, the soul becomes pure and gentle. However, to be able to feel all the subtleties of this hobby, visitors must spend a certain time, about a few hours.

The process of enjoying the tea ceremony must be associated with fine words such as sophisticated, luxurious, elegant, delicate... This is not simply an ordinary way of enjoying tea, but it is the way people practice art and understand beauty. beautiful life, return to your natural nature.

Sitting and sipping a cup of hot tea in hand, melodious to the music of Zen, watching the beautiful nature, contemplating life ... are experiences that are not as interesting.

It can be said that Moc Tra Quan is one of the romantic stops for tourists who love the culture of the land of the rising sun. No need to travel to distant Japan, right in the heart of Ha Long city, right on the heritage bank, you can also enjoy relaxing moments alongside these wonderful cultural quintessence.

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