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Belonging to the country's leading entertainment complex Sun World Ha Long Complex, Mystic hill area always gives visitors a lot of interesting surprises as the name suggests. Visiting this place without visiting the Bonsai house would be really regrettable. Possessing the quintessence of Zen garden architecture of the land of Cherry Blossom, subtly recreating the architectural style of Mahayana Buddhism, visitors seem to be immersed in a world of paradise.

Bonsai house - unique Zen garden architecture

Bonsai house
Experiencing each light step, the visitor's soul seems to be supported by a Zen-like space

Designed by famous Japanese architects, Bonsai house is a cultural product, a masterpiece of art that is extremely delicate and harmonious. The curved roof design is the inheritance and promotion of the architecture of Mahayana Buddhist temples. In addition to natural materials such as stone, gravel, wood, bamboo, sand, brick, etc., the paint color, harmoniously combined with the surrounding landscape, each corner exudes an elegant yet ancient color. glass, moss.

The outstanding feature of this style is that it brings a feeling of lightness, simplicity, and peace but is very classy and aristocratic. It is a harmonious combination between traditional Japanese architecture and modern style and the most advanced technology in the world.

Zen-style natural space

Located on the top of Ba Deo, four sides are majestic mountains, covered with trees, year-round white mist, cloudy clouds seem to create a more fanciful, quiet atmosphere, the air becomes pure and fresh. . Stone and gravel roads stretch and meander beside rows of pine, cypress, and pine trees in the shape of Bonsai, rockeries and colorful flowers.

Arriving here, visitors feel like they are lost in another world, without the noise, bustle, crowding, the soul becomes light and relaxed, the daily worries and worries suddenly disappear.

Ideal place for strolling and check-in

Bonsai house
Every corner is the delicate design of the land of Cherry Blossom

Take a walk with friends and relatives to admire the scenery, take a walk around the building, each corner brings beautiful virtual living corners, ensuring the best picture quality. Visitors enjoy taking pictures of the landscape, freely posing, shooting tired hands to save the most memorable moments.

And the Bonsai house not only brings a new design, a relaxing space full of Buddhism, but also a distinctive feature in countless modern designs that Sun World Ha Long Complex offers visitors during the tourist seasons.

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