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What makes the class values ​​of the tourist complex? Sun World Ha Long Complex? One Sun Wheel – the rotation of the sun the world's highest, Queen Cable Car, mysterious in Japanese garden or the classic and modern beauty of Koi bridge, wax museum…and not to mention the 12D Cinema located right on the mysterious castle. Achieved a Vietnamese record for "The largest circular screen 12D cinema with the most effects", bringing to the audience the sharpest vivid footage in terms of sound, light and image.

Explore the 12D cinema on the mysterious hill

Cinema 12D
The design is somewhat spooky, creepy, and mysterious outside the 12D cinema

Located on the 2nd floor of Mystic Castle, inheriting the most modern science and technology in Japan, 12D cinema possesses outstanding design advantages.

  • This is a 12D movie room, a super giant 360-degree round screen, 11m in diameter up to 2000 inches.
  • 12K super sharp images worth tens of billions of dong, using the latest Japanese technology.
  • The first and only time in Vietnam: The whole floor moves, the number of effects is up to 20 effects, especially tornado effects, ghost effects (prosthetic limbs, ghost lights, ...), earth expansion effect (floor clay), floor smoke system.
  • The auditorium is large and airy, with a capacity of up to 150 people.

12D cinema attracted by what?

Cinema 12D
With the latest technology to bring visitors lifelike experiences.

The outside of the theater is decorated very mysteriously to attract visitors. Each visitor entering the theater will be given a special glass to have the clearest visual experience. With the latest advanced technology plus diverse and rich broadcast genres, it gives audiences many new experiences.

From the genre of horror movies, fiction, love movies, documentaries... are premiered with sound and light effects that clearly recreate the scenes that make visitors feel overwhelmed by the scenes. The scene is as vivid as the real life that you are experiencing. For example, rain, wind, thunder, snow, smoke, bubbles, crawling snakes, earthquakes filled the movie room.

The content and images in the film are specially creatively designed to create the feeling that the objects, objects, characters ... in the film move in circles and hover right close to the viewer's eyes. Audiences seem to be completely immersed in the content and context of the movie, feeling images from all sides thanks to the circular screen and the entire movie room space. This will certainly be an interesting and unique experience in Vietnam that every visitor to Sun World Halong cannot ignore.

12D cinema is the latest cutting edge technology of modern science applied for the first time and only in Sun World Ha Long until now. And in the world only famous entertainment venues in Europe can apply this complex technology. However, to be able to experience all the features of 12D cinema, you should choose the right movie genres for you.

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