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    Height restrictions:
    - From 0 - 120 cm (Accompanied by an adult)
    - 120 cm (Walk alone)



According to the captain's experience, the calm sea is a warning sign of a tsunami smoldering deep below. Have you ever witnessed standing waves up to meters high crashing down right in front of your eyes? Join the Tsunami challenge now to dive and play with the cool water.

* Height restrictions:

  • From 0 - 120 cm (Accompanied by an adult)
  • 120 cm (Walk alone)

Tsunami pool is one of the most exciting thrills in the water park Typhoon Water Park Ha Long. Here, visitors not only experience having fun bathing in the sea space, but also enjoy the feeling of witnessing extremely violent artificial tsunamis rushing to the shore, splashing white foam on people.

Tsunami pool promises to bring you the feeling of satisfaction full of excitement

Tsunami pool – the busiest man-made wave pool in Typhoon Water Park

This is a swimming pool equipped with a modern artificial wave generating system that creates waves that are sometimes gentle, sometimes violent, sometimes strong, stormy like tsunamis that break the shore and hit the beach. . Giving visitors the feeling that they are really standing in the space of the real sea.

With a moderate width and depth combined with the natural space of the rockeries and rows of green coconut trees, many kinds of trees surround luxuriantly like on a beach, the water is clear, cool, and clean. will. Diving into the wave pool, you will feel the fierceness and ferocity of the tsunami waves - the wrath of nature emerges in waves that make you wobble, sway, and sometimes be carried away.

Each wave rises, white foam, kicking on the body is extremely refreshing, it seems that the hot sun outside cannot penetrate, the rest is endless joy and the cool green air of the waves of the wind.

Exciting experiences at the tsunami pool

Go to the beach

You don't have to cross thousands of arduous kilometers, come to Ha Long water park, you can just have fun with many unique thrilling games, and also enjoy swimming, swimming, diving with the team. , create many exciting activities in the bath with friends and relatives.

Conquer the tsunami

You can stand still and wait for each wave to hit you, splashing water high up to make you wet, or jumping and racing with each wave. It will be quite tiring, but it will be enjoyable to overcome the dangers of the ocean and find yourself victorious when you conquer them. You will also feel the power of nature and human limits that you have never experienced even when on a real beach.

Check-in experience

Don't forget to bring your camera to capture memorable moments. This will be the place to bring you and your friends the most unique and fresh pictures.

Tsunami pool is one of the attractive entertainment places, is an extremely interesting game that attracts most tourists to have fun and experience. Successful simulation of natural phenomena gives players the most realistic feelings. That is a very unique feature that shows a talented mind of the designer and the great enthusiasm of the investor. Have fun here, don't forget to go with the team, it will multiply the fun for you.

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