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Built in 2013, Quang Ninh Museum always remembered by tourists from all over the world with the most beautiful names such as the mysterious black pearl, the black diamond on the shore of the heritage... Exploring the inner space is even more surprised at the unique image of a Quang Miniature Ninh. This place is not only a picture of nature and people, but also a place to keep a historical journey from the beginning to the present. Not only that, Quang Ninh museum also realistically and vividly reproduces the history of formation and production of coal - black gold of the country at the 3rd floor exhibition area.

History of coal mines through 3rd floor exhibition space

The historical reenactment area of ​​the coal mine, Quang Ninh museum, many models of workers wearing blue clothes are working, the ground is gray, many iron pillars are painted red.
The image of the Quang Ninh mines in the museum

It can be said that the 3rd floor exhibition area is a realistic and vivid representation of the process of coal formation and mining in Quang Ninh mines. In addition, there is also an exhibition area dedicated to Uncle Ho and ethnic groups.

Coal industry history exhibition area

This is the main theme of the 3rd floor exhibition space, recreating the history of coal mining in Quang Ninh through original images and artifacts; Exploitation of open-pit coal mining field and simulation model of underground coal mining space.

The historical reenactment area of ​​the coal mine, Quang Ninh museum, model of a worker wearing a blue shirt, many big wooden bars, brown ground
The models have the same proportions, sizes... as real to every detail

Models with scale, size ... lifelike to every detail simulate all activities from machines to people at the construction site, giving viewers the most accurate view of the coal mining industry and feel the hard work but pride of the workers in the mining area.

Ethnic theme exhibition area

This space is designed in an open form with many small display clusters representing each unique culture of all ethnic groups in Vietnam. Quang Ninh Province. Here, viewers will feel the daily life, economy, culture and different working methods of each ethnic group through images of artifacts, costumes, etc.

The historical reenactment area of ​​the coal mine, Quang Ninh museum, many models of people wearing working hats, light blue walls
Feel the different living, economic, cultural and working methods

Uncle Ho thematic exhibition area

This area is connected to the national theme exhibition area in which the whole process of Uncle Ho's activities during 7 visits to Quang Ninh will be presented in detail, as well as keeping his memorable memories with him. people in regions and engineers and workers in coal mining areas.

Pocket some necessary experiences when going to Quang Ninh museum

Before visiting and admiring the museum, visitors should note some of the following small information:

Open hour

Morning 8am - 12pm, Afternoon 13pm - 17pm.

The museum is open every day of the week except Mondays and public holidays.


  • Adults: 40.000 VND
  • Students (must show card): 20.000 VND
  • Children: 10.000 VND
  • Free for people under 1m20 tall.

tour guide

If you go in a group, you can hire a guide to help you better understand the information about the museum as well as the value of the artifacts on display. There is also a guide for foreign guests.


  • If you want to take pictures, you will have to pay an extra fee.
  • Do not touch or touch objects.
  • No smoking in the museum.
  • Do not litter in the museum.
  • Do not speak loudly, run or play in the museum.

Quang Ninh Museum is a place to visit and admire the great architecture and valuable artifacts of historical periods. Not only that, it also has a special communication meaning, helping to convey and spread messages about the history, culture, religion and beliefs of the indigenous people further. At the same time, it also has great educational significance for the young generation about national pride, love for the motherland, country, and Vietnamese people.


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