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    - Height accompanied by adults: 0 - 120 cm.
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Opened and put into operation in 2017, Southeast Asia's largest theme park gathers a series of the world's leading entertainment, especially suitable for many objects, meeting the diverse needs of a large number of visitors. . And discover many interesting games, don't forget to miss the exciting journey on the Monorail tram system - the most modern sky train in Vietnam, giving you beautiful panoramic views of Dragon Park.

Admire the Monorail - the most modern sky train in the country

Monorail train
Monorail promises to bring the world Sun World Ha Long Complex flooded in the eyes of visitors

It can be said that the design of the Monorail train is a unique, modern and equally luxurious design. The train consists of 11 circular cabins running at an altitude of about 20m above the ground. The highlight of the ship is the extremely elegant white background, evoking elegance, sophistication and very flexible and soft.

In particular, each cabin is fitted with high-class shatterproof transparent glass, with a ventilation window system. The interior is fully equipped with sound and light systems, 2 rows of seats to ensure the most comfortable feeling for passengers.

With a new engine, smooth movement, gentle movement, high quality, durable, beautiful materials, installed according to European technical standards, tested and tested by the prestigious quality accreditation association. TUV - German ensures absolute safety for all journeys.

Impressive experience of visitors on the Monorail

Monorail train
Elegant, luxurious and very modern design

Admire the panoramic view of Dragon park

Train tracks run around the park, at an ideal height, visitors can admire the whole system of amusement parks from all angles as well as enjoy the extremely beautiful natural scenery right on the heritage bank. Here gathers over 100.000 shrubs and flowers of all kinds and over 10.000 green trees, including 2.000 rare and precious old sapling trees.

From massive, ancient, modern, monumental, and unique architectural works in the country to luxurious restaurants and hotels or admire first-hand a combination of impressive thrills and entertainments. that you have never seen or admired the poetic river named tropical yacht winding, running around the park.

Zooming out into the distance is a complex of high-class amusement parks on the top of Ba Deo, a water park - Typhoon Water Park , Sun World Ha Long Beach. A miniature world filled with colors as if caught your eye. In particular, if traveling at night, the whole train radiates shimmering, sparkling blue light gliding in the fanciful night. The scene is more romantic, poetic and poetic.

Monorail train – experience space for the big family

Amazing space and landscape in the heritage land
Amazing space and landscape in the heritage land

Monorail trains are suitable for high-altitude excursions for the whole family, suitable for all audiences, especially children, adults and the elderly. A journey on an exciting train will make you feel like you are traveling in a faraway Japan, because only in the land of Cherry Blossoms - home to many of the most modern and luxurious high-speed train systems in the world. serving tourists circulating around the country. But no need to go far, right at Dragon park you and your family can comfortably enjoy these wonderful adventure moments.

After the journey of playing to your heart's content, visitors can find a romantic getaway to fully enjoy the high-class services and rich cuisine at the professional service restaurant system. Many Fastfood - Refreshments., Sushi Bar promises to bring bold Japanese dishes to diners from all over the world. And you can visit Dagon's Food Temple specializing in buffet service or Pizza Temple with a variety of pizza and fast food combos.

Monorail train is one of the pinnacle creations of modern engineering and technology, contributing to the name of Sun World Ha Long Complex. Visitors come here to relax in an extremely relaxed, gentle but also particularly attractive but no less novel space.

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