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    Dragon Park entrance ticket included

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    - Minimum height accompanied by an adult: 0 - 107 cm.
    - Minimum height traveling alone: ​​1 cm.


Appearing at the right time, quenching thirst about the lack of entertainment venues in the North in particular and the country in general, Dragon Park is like a strange wind bringing all the best things on earth to tourists near and far. . Coming to Dragon Park to transform into an adventurer on the Halong Railway will be one of the most exciting journeys for your family.

Discover the unique design of the Adventure Ship

Halong Railway is one of the particularly creative designs, as its name suggests. Possessing a typical black and red color color scheme, it stimulates the curiosity and discovery mind of adventurers. The front is the locomotive, the rear is the train compartments running on a fixed rail system on the ground.

Halong Railway Exploration Train, blue model train, brown railway, many green trees in the distance, gray steps, daylight photos Halong Railway Explorer Train, blue model train, brown railway, lots of green trees in the distance, gray steps, daylight shot
Cruise ship Halong Railway

Each cabin is fully equipped with amenities from sound systems, lighting to seats to ensure the most comfortable passengers. Open design with many window frames for visitors to enjoy the view outside.

In particular, with a new engine, high-quality materials, durable, beautiful, sure, extremely smooth operation, and the sound of rail collisions just like you are on a long journey.

And at first glance, the Explorer Ship resembles the train that existed in the era of the old empires. Looking back on each compartment, you can think of a horse-drawn carriage that was present for a long time on the streets of Europe in the decades of the nineteenth century.

And it can be said that this is a product of the new era that possesses both modern advantages and a subtle classic design style, which is a harmonious, delicate and skillful combination of talents. and the creative mind of man.

Traveler's journey on the Adventure Ship

With a travel speed of only 20km/h, this is the ideal speed for you to comfortably rest, relax, enjoy the panoramic view around the park area. On that train, you will be transformed into an adventurer, travel all over the land, explore mysterious places, follow the trail to majestic waterfalls, dreamy lakes and forests. colorful flowers, and the vast green forest radiating cool shade.

At the same time, you also have the opportunity to admire the very unique new games, be amazed when witnessing the moments when the passengers acrobatics, hover in the air, toss under the waterfall at a speed and height that make you feel like you're not. you have a heart attack. Admire the palatial, magnificent buildings or ancient buildings, impressive designs in the entertainment area of ​​​​the resort. fast flying dragon, visit restaurants, hotels, Japanese food courts, a system of souvenir stalls with a wide variety of products in terms of designs and varieties.

And can return to the space of childhood when going to the children's play area such as the magic ferris wheel, the fairy train, Reptiles clash, rotating cup dance…And especially impressed with the elegant and classy design of the country's most modern sky train gliding in the air.

And do not forget to bring a camera to record the journey, you will be the owner of beautiful shimmering photos. After relaxing moments on the Adventure Ship, the rich culinary space of Foodcourt, Dragon's Food Temple, Pizza Temple will fuel you in the next exciting journey.

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