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    Dragon Park entrance ticket included

  • Suitable for young children?

    Need an adult to accompany

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  • Additional Notes

    - Minimum height accompanied by an adult: 122 - 142 cm.
    - Minimum height traveling alone: ​​1 - 142 cm.
    Maximum height: 195 cm.


Rage Rhino

During the journey of the Rage Rhino, you will feel like a resilient captain against the night storm. Test your courage, you will be soaring and spinning in the air, free falling at a speed of 65km/h.

Listed in the list of adventure games at the Dragon Park, "Rhino Sling" (Rhino Sling) has players spinning on the giant horns of the mighty rhinoceros, then back again in free fall. down to the ground at maximum speed. Rhino Sling with fast flying dragon become two super top games, making the immortal name of Dragon Park.

Visitors are experiencing the thrilling game Rhinoceros Rage
Passengers of Rage Rhinoceros get to experience making small birds flying in the sky.

Visiting the amusement park Rhinoceros Crazy

Entering the grounds of the Rage Rhinoceros, visitors were impressed by a large gate made of sturdy iron frames, pillars are giant natural stone blocks. Above are two rhinoceros heads with a ferocious stone appearance, pierced on both sides by the iron frame of the gate.

In the middle is a large picture simulating the image of a rhinoceros standing in the middle of a green forest. This is one of the quite bold designs, showing the ability and bravery of man to conquer natural animals. And right behind the gate is the campus for visitors to participate in the game. Surrounding the campus are wooden walls with countless green trees like you are lost in a certain forest.

Discover Rage Rhinoceros

From afar, the game looks like a giant excavator with outstretched arms, exuding sharp claws as if to devour anything that comes close. Designed with eye-catching colors, combining the crimson color of the frame, the red of the arms, the yellow of the fingers as fulcrums for the white seats for passengers, like sharp claws. pointed and rounded on all four sides.

The highlight of the game is the row of modern and luxurious seats that follow each other in the circle shape of a flying saucer that looks especially elegant, elegant and polite. In which is the system of belts, safety belts manufactured on the most modern and advanced technology lines from high-grade materials with high bearing capacity.

Travel in the late afternoon or evening in the magical night sky of the Rage Rhinoceros with thousands of colored lights emitting a shimmering, sparkling golden light. Looking up from below, it looks like a big cake with thousands of candles lit in contrast in the dark. The scene now becomes extremely beautiful, mysterious, magical, attractive to players.

All machinery systems as well as operating processes are tested and loaded by the famous German inspection association according to strict international standards to ensure absolute safety from the lowest indicators.

Rage Rhinoceros brings visitors amazing experiences

Visitors experience all kinds of emotions from suspense to surprise, heart palpitations, sometimes terror, but in the end it is still a refreshing feeling when conquering the sky.

Joining Rhino Sling, you will be transformed into explorers on spaceships exploring mysterious new lands, traveling through space to explore natural phenomena, feeling like being conquered. such a vast sky.

And when the passengers were firmly seated on the rhino's claws, the engine started to work. The giant arm lifted one step up and slammed into the ground in an instant with a top speed of 65km/h. You will be lifted up into the air, rotated many 360 degrees, and then freely fall down dizzyingly like an angry rhinoceros.

For those who love adventure, are used to heights and speeds, this is an interesting challenge to enjoy the most refreshing moments. But for young people participating for the first time, it will be spectacular challenges, making you startled, heart-stopping mixed with a little surprise, panic but equally interesting. You are free to express your emotions, relax your body, freely shout, let yourself swing in the clear blue sky with cool breezes.

Player safety rules

Green-shirted staff put on protective gear for female tourists before playing the game Rhinoceros Rage
Follow the instructions of the technical staff when participating in Rage Rhinoceros

Game Type: Teenagers, Adults.

Height restrictions:

  • Minimum height accompanied by an adult: 122 - 142 cm.
  • Minimum height traveling alone: ​​1 - 142 cm.
  • Maximum height: 195cm.
  • Need to keep a calm, confident attitude and should think carefully before participating.

To ensure safety, the elderly and children should not participate in this game, especially those with weak hearts or those with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. You can find other romantic entertainment spaces but equally challenging as ships Magic Umbrella, Magic Ferris Wheel, Monorail train, Pirate Ship...

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