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    - Minimum height accompanied by an adult: 105 - 120 cm.
    - Minimum height traveling alone: ​​1 cm.


Imagine you are with your comrades on a boat out in the open sailing to catch the wind. Sail the colorful sails of the Flying Lizard to navigate the ship to the top and let your eyes wander to the vibrant surroundings.

Ha Long Dragon Park famous as a high-class amusement and entertainment area that converges a series of different and unique modern games. There is a thrilling entertainment area for adventurers, and there are also gentle amusement parks, romantic photography check-in areas. Following visitors on a beautiful day, experiencing the Flying Lizard game is like feeling the bustling atmosphere here. Let's enjoy these wonderful moments of relaxation.

Pterosaur game in Sun world Ha Long

What's so special about the Flying Lizard?

Perhaps the most impressive point that catches the eye of visitors is a colorful game, blue, deep blue, blue, navy, yellow, white, red, orange, turmeric….It seems that the whole world of color All colors converge here, sometimes it feels like this is a children's palace rather than an adventure game. And from afar, the shape resembled the pterosaurs spreading their colorful wings and flying in circles in the sky.

Each row of seats is designed for 2 people to sit, equipped with seat belts, armrests, wheels, above is a large canvas frame simulating the wings of a pterosaur. Visitors can picture themselves sitting on the back of a pterosaur, or it can be like flying with hot air balloons. Especially the light system with thousands of LED bulbs emitting extremely shimmering, splendid in the evening or at night brightens up an entire sky.

Experience the game Lizard Flying

Foreign tourists enjoy visiting the game

When the passengers have settled into their seats, it is also the time when the music plays excitingly making the atmosphere even more bustling, each passenger anxiously waits for the moment when the wheel gradually rolls and lifts off the ground. flew into the air and then rotated in a circle at an extremely fast speed and surprisingly strong.

Joining the game, visitors can imagine themselves and their teammates setting sail to catch the wind, floating on small boats far offshore. Or experience making birds fly across the sky freely looking for a peaceful place. At this time, you can relax your body, look out into the distance, watching the scenery filled with spring colors around from above will be extremely interesting.

Pocket some entertainment experience with Flying Lizard

Safety regulations:

  • Game type: Family, Teen.
  • Minimum height accompanied by an adult: 105 - 120 cm.
  • Minimum height traveling alone: ​​1 cm.

The best time to have fun

Most of the games at Dragon Park are designed outdoors. Therefore, the most beautiful time is from the time after the Lunar New Year to the end of October, that is, in spring, summer and autumn, especially in summer, when students have a long vacation. You and your family can enjoy exploring many interesting games. Moreover, the weather at this time is also quite dry and cool, this is the most favorable point for the free play areas in Dragon Park to operate at full capacity.

Compared to other thrilling games in Dragon Park, Flying Lizard belongs to the category of quite gentle games. Not too risky like Rage Rhino, not too challenging as fast flying dragon, death wheel…So the game attracts a large number of family guests including teenagers, middle-aged and elderly people. This is one of the interesting playgrounds, suitable for many audiences and common interests.

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