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    – Height participating in the game 105cm – 130cm.


You've heard of a dreamy France with a magnificent Paris and the magnificent Eiffel Tower, but have not had the opportunity to visit yet. To fulfill this wish, you can go to Dragon Park - Dragon park, you and your family will be satisfied with a miniature Paris right in the heart of Ha Long when traveling with Tour De Paris.

Tour De Paris – beautiful city tour of Paris

Tour de Paris
Game of journey around Paris in a mini car

Journeying at Tour De Paris, visitors will be extremely excited when sitting on colorful children's mini cars, classically designed to simulate the shape of large cars circulating in France. in the decades of the nineteenth century brings the most authentic feeling of being right in that country.

Sitting in the cabin for more than 2 minutes, you will control your beautiful small car through many winding roads filled with bright yellow colors, travel uphill, walk around the tower, visit Take a tour around the magnificent city of Paris in miniature, admire the romantic architecture and natural scenery full of French nature..

Especially, at night, the Eiffel Tower in Ha Long is filled with colorful lights, shimmering beautifully in the fanciful night sky. This is also the ideal space to bring visitors the most surreal virtual living angles.

Ideal play space for young travelers

Tour de Paris
Journey to visit Paris at Sun World Ha Long

Tour De Paris is one of the interesting entertainment spots for young travelers. Children will be extremely excited to be able to make their own, drive their favorite vehicle to participate in exploring on special roads, in eye-catching, harmonious and very natural natural scenes. course.

Not only that, this is also designed for adults. Parents can join their children, act as tour guides, guide and ensure safety when traveling for children at a young age. Tour De Paris is one of the games that stimulate the rich imagination and the desire to explore and conquer for young children. Therefore, since it was put into operation, it has attracted many families to experience and have fun.

Some notes when buying tickets and having fun at Dragon Park

  • On public holidays April 30, May 4 and Friday, Saturday, Sunday of May, July, surcharge of VND 1/ticket.
  • Free admission for children under 1m.
  • Entrance tickets are only valid for the day. Tickets are purchased and are not exchangeable. Ticket price includes 10% VAT.
  • Should go to the park in the morning to play more games.
  • Winter often closes some water play areas.
  • You should buy tickets online instead of regular tickets to save time waiting in line to get tickets.

And especially, your family can enjoy playing and discovering many other interesting entertainments because there is a system of restaurants serving diverse and rich food from snacks to menus. attractively processed in styles from Asia, Europe, and Vietnam, ready to give you energy to recharge.

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