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    Height restrictions:
    - From 0 - 120 cm (Accompanied by an adult)
    - Over 120 cm (Alone)


Sun Bay

Experiencing three difficult challenges, your ship also reaches the calm sea with cool blue water. Diving and playing in the cool water of Sun Bay, you will have wonderful moments.

*Height restriction: 0 – 120 cm (Accompanied by an adult), over 120 cm (Accompanied by an adult)

Sun Bay
Sun Bay – an underwater play space filled with natural colors

Quang Ninh is now not only one of the famous destinations for tourists with famous names such as Yen Tu, Ha Long Bay, Ba Vang Pagoda….but now tourism in the province is like wearing a new shirt with the largest and most modern amusement park project in the country. Typhoon Water Park – Ha Long water park is one of those interesting tourist destinations for your extended family on hot summer days in the North. Here, visitors can not only experience many super cool games under the water but also be immersed in the poetic, fun and cool space at Sun Bay.

Natural space by Sun Bay

It can be said that Vinh Sun is an extremely wonderful man-made entertainment venue with an extremely impressive natural space. A calm, clear, crystal-clear blue lake is nestled next to a system of luxuriant, shady trees emerging with images of palm trees and coconut trees fluttering in the wind.

Along the shore are rows of colorful flowers, emitting a fragrant aroma. Opposite is the place of a towering rockery like a towering mountain on the beach. On the shore, there are many rows of chairs and umbrellas for visitors to rest after playing in the lake. The scene is extremely harmonious creating a romantic, elegant, quiet interesting.

Sun Bay – a fun space for the whole family

Far from other thrilling games, Sun Bay offers visitors a large playing space, filled with water suitable for many different ages, including children and the elderly. With a large lake area, moderate depth, plus cool, calm blue water, your extended family can enjoy playing, bathing, and playing.

Especially for children, this is the safest and most enjoyable place to have fun and create many activities with water. Adults can also comfortably play with their families and enjoy many services on the shore with an ideal resting space like being on a romantic beach.

Visitors experience many interesting activities

Not only being free, freely struggling under the water, here the sun seems to be unable to touch your skin, leaving only a feeling of freshness, coolness and ultimate joy. Here, visitors can enjoy a play space filled with nature, enjoy bathing, swimming, diving, especially young people. And this is also the ideal place for you and your family to save beautiful moments, freely choose the scene, create all kinds of impressive photography.

And Sun Bay promises to bring you and your family the best moments. In addition, you can also explore other experiences at lazy river, floating in the VIP swimming pool is equally exciting and poetic.

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