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    Ticket price applies to all visitors over 1m tall (not included in the ticket price of Queen Cable Car)


The amusement park Upside down - Magic land is located on the 2nd floor of the Mystic Castle, open to visitors from March 3 with many extremely attractive high-tech entertainment items, promising to bring visitors to the world. guests have many unique experiences. It would be a pity to come Sun World Ha Long Complex without visiting this place, especially young people, when virtual check-in is still a passionate passion.

Magic land - a strange land in a mysterious space

Magic land - Magic land
The creepy door opens to a mysterious space

Magic land attracts visitors by its thrilling, mysterious experiences, contrary to the laws of nature, the ideal laws of physics that seem unchangeable.

Instead of an ordinary open door, when entering the strange land, visitors have to go through a huge ferocious tyrannosaur head, meet wizards and witches floating in the air. The air acts as tour guides to take you on an excursion into this wonderland.

These wizards and witches will introduce you to strange inverted houses, unique leaning houses, or immerse yourself in romantic piano stairs, magical paradise water, creepy 5D mazes, and the magical luminous room.

Visitor experience at Magic land

Upside down and leaning house

Here you will be surprised to enter a house where everything is completely reversed. The ceiling is the floor and vice versa. Everything is upside down in the air like it's about to fall on your head. You will imagine what it is like to live in a space where everything is upside down. Your soul is also indescribable.

Magic land - Magic land
Visitors stay at home reversed
Magic land - Magic land
Impressed with the photos at the inclined house

Piano stairs

In addition to the wonder of the inverted house, the Piano staircase brings an extremely romantic space. Every step you take is like walking on a fairyland, supported by the gentle, elegant piano keys and very sweet and smooth melodies.

Water in paradise

Even more strange is the pure water drops suspended in the air giving you a cool feeling. Water is like the current of the heavenly palace, slowly going backwards from the bottom up, completely contrary to what we have known before.

Maze 5D

This is the most mysterious space in this upside-down country, giving visitors chilling and creepy feelings like on Hollywood movie sets. The combination of new sensing technologies such as wind, smoke, rain, lightning, earthquakes, crawling snakes... will stimulate your 6th sense and test your courage.

Luminous room

The combination of UV light and luminous walls allows players to create extremely impressive images that cannot be obtained in real life.

Magic land can be said to be a unique technology entertainment product, showing a creative mind and a playground that gives visitors many new discoveries, especially young people. Delight in exploring, posing, checking in hand fatigue is something new that this strange country brings to visitors.

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