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As you all know, we built TRIPMAP as a product to support the community, an information sharing site to help users have the most accurate and new information about travel, for travelers to make informed choices. , fully experience your trip. The information is updated and moderated by local people and from collaborators living in that area.

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In the process of creating content, the local team and collaborators desperately need detailed illustrations, the stock of self-portraits is not enough, leading to the omission of illustrated photos and clips. The team of collaborators may have used additional images searched on Google and some other search engines, leading to the unknown origin and copyright of whom. As content developers, we understand the importance of respecting copyright. We appreciate and thank the authors, non-profit organizations who have contributed and shared with us a repository of audio, image, clip... to develop and build the TRIPMAP community information page. increasingly valuable and useful for users.

In case, you find TRIPMAP posting content that you believe is your copyright and want it removed or other requests, please contact us via contact form.

We sincerely thank you!