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This fish is larger than a kilogram, its body is diamond-shaped, and its skin is brown. When peeling the skin, the outside of the fish is dry and shiny, with a clear white color. This species of beef fish is white, fragrant, delicious, sweet and chewy like chicken, looks attractive, so it is loved by many people.

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Beef skinned fish meat has a high nutritional content of calories, protein, fat ... and many vitamins that are good for health. The most remarkable thing is that apart from the gill layer and the dirt inside the intestines, all the rest can be eaten, including the head and bones of the fish, which are cartilaginous bones, very soft. For those who lack calcium, should always eat fish bones to supplement calcium for the body. Skinned beef fish can be grilled in all ways: grilled, grilled with charcoal, grilled with salt or seasoned with foil. But no matter how it is processed, the skinned beef fish is still delicious and attractive…


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