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Leaf squid are usually caught at night, have short, rafty, fleshy bodies and are easily distinguished from other squid in that they have thick oval fins that extend around almost the entire mantle, extending from head to mid-body. My ink is a bit flat compared to squid ink.

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English leaf squid is Reef Squid (scientific name: Sepioteuthis lessoniana). This type of seafood is found in the coastal provinces of our country, especially in Quang Ninh. Leaf squid is one of the 5 popular types of squid in Vietnam that is considered the most delicious and has an important position in trade. Squid leaves have a sweet, crunchy taste that is soft, the more you chew, the sweeter it becomes. Cut squid leaves can be processed in many ways such as baking with salt and pepper, grilled satay, grilled on charcoal, deep fried, fried with fish sauce, fried with vegetables.

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