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Lime snails can be processed into many delicious dishes such as boiled with ginger sauce, grilled with butter, grilled with garlic and chili... The first time you eat lime snails, you will find that it has a bitter taste, then becomes gradually sweeter and fleshy. Should add a little beer when making this dish.

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There are two types of lime snails, which are spiny lime snails and white lime snails. At high tide, snails often cling to the underside of flat rocks for shelter. The main food of the lime snail is marine plankton, or the algae that cling to the surface of the rocks. Except for the time of rough seas (from about mid-September to the end of October of the lunar calendar), for the rest of the year, visitors when visiting Quan Lan IslandIf you want, you can go to the rocky beaches along the coast to find and catch lime snails… Especially in the peak time of May and June, the dry sea season.


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