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Live spines are usually large in size, with a lot of meat, white snail meat, chewy and crunchy when eaten in the mouth, have a rich sweet taste that is different from other fatty, clam or clams. Seafood connoisseurs love this type of snail thanks to its rich, fatty and sweet meat.

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In each region, there are different types of Gai snails with different shapes and colors. This is a type of sea snail with a strange shape and many thorns radiating around the shell, so it is named "Snail Thorn" according to its shape for easy identification. They are often distributed in tropical seas and in Vietnam. Not only the snail meat is used as a raw material for cooking, but the shell with a strange shape is also used as a very popular handicraft. With only one snail, it brings many different effects, which is very convenient.


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