Long-legged octopus (small, long-legged octopus) fresh


Referring to Ha Long (Quang Ninh), many people will immediately think of the specialty of pounded squid or other famous seafood dishes such as sa worm, tu comei, grilled oysters with onion fat, crabs, fresh crabs or sam dishes. … But tourists coming here can also try another rather special dish, which is sloe (long-legged casserole).

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From the delicious fresh shrimp, visitors can enjoy many different dishes such as boiled shrimp with flavor, grilled shrimp with fragrant nose or sweet soup cooked with broth and spices. When eating soup, visitors should cut the shrimp into a bowl and enjoy it to feel better. The hot and warm shrimp mixed with the cool, sour taste of the broth will create an irresistible flavor.

Long-legged specialty in Quang Ninh, the price of millions, but money is not sure to buy it - Photo 1.

Only half the size of a hand, its head is round and small, but its long legs have tentacles nearly 20cm long. This famous specialty in Quang Ninh is related to octopus, so in addition to the familiar name, it is also called mini octopus.

They often dig holes, live around mud flats. Compared to other places, Quang Ninh's sea water is not as salty, so the shrimp here is also fresher and more delicious. The cockroach with even tentacles, dark color, flexible movements and a slimy body will definitely have the best taste.

Long-legged specialty in Quang Ninh, the price of millions, but money is not sure to buy it - Photo 2.

At each time, the pork loin has its own characteristics and flavor. From the 7th to the 10th month of the lunar calendar, it is in a time when it is easy to catch and has delicious meat. When the shrimp lay eggs, people often call them sticky rice with a strange greasy taste. For gourmets, sipping sticky rice with a little bit of booze is truly unmatched.

In order to catch long-legged shrimp, one must use a bagua cage or go for a search in a hole, and fishing techniques are also more demanding than conventional seafood. Every night "go to the nib" (fishing for holes as the locals call it), people have to bring more lights to light each small hole. Whenever you see a "prey" figure, you quickly catch them.


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