Fresh short-legged shrimp (small octopus – shellfish)


Choosing seafood at markets and seafood stores is not an easy thing for housewives. Need to buy fresh squid, quality, right price. Buying octopus too, how to choose octopus, octopus has 2 types of octopus, big size, small octopus, and more importantly, octopus How much is the small octopus?? How much is the big octopus?

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How much does a small octopus cost?

– To bring a delicious family meal with dishes from octopus, full of nutrients and safe for health, housewives have to work very hard.

– There are many markets and seafood shops that offer a variety of seafood, making housewives need to choose to consider price and quality. Because if you buy octopus at a cheap price, you will be afraid of octopus for a long time, using chemicals to preserve it. And if the price is too high, it is not certain of the quality and preservation of the octopus. Therefore, the best way is to choose a reputable and quality place to buy for peace of mind.


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