Visiting Ha Long Bay

Ha Long cruise ship port

Cruise ship ports in Ha Long

Currently, there are 2 ports for tourism exploitation in Ha Long Bay

How to choose a suitable port?

Both ports have enough sightseeing routes Ha Long Bay, the price to visit Ha Long Bay is listed by the management board of the bay, so both places have the same price. These 2 ports differ only in geographical location. One port is located in Sun World tourist area, Bai Chay. A port located in Tuan Chau island tourist area. Depending on where you stay, you can choose the most suitable port for you.

Tuan Chau International Passenger Port

Located between the two banks of the urban area to the south of Tuan Chau island is Tuan Chau 1 Port. The port is built on a modern scale in the style of European ports. The port has been put into operation since 2009. The port has a berth of 2.000m in length, with the capacity to receive more than 200 large and small ships entering and leaving passengers.

Ha Long international passenger port

With an ideal location as the center of Bai Chay tourism, right in the middle of Ha Long city, next to a sandy beach, Ha Long International Cruise Port will now help visitors to swim and relax at the same time. rest and relax. Right in the city, visitors do not need to worry too much because it will have moving cars to help visitors pick up the train easily and conveniently.

Tuan Chau international passenger port, Ha Long bay, many houses on both sides, many boats on the sea, many rocky mountains in the distance, cloudy sky, aerial photos, daytime photos
Ha Long international passenger port, gray road background with many trees, many boats parked on the sea, many mountains in the distance, afternoon photo, aerial photo

Notes when buying train tickets to visit Ha Long Bay


You can see the bay on a boat or on a seaplane

To visit Ha Long Bay - due to geographical features - visitors are required to travel by boat or enjoy a panoramic view from above on routes to visit Ha Long Bay by seaplane.


Distinguish between sightseeing tickets and boat rental costs

Visitors buy tickets to visit the bay at one of two Ha Long tourist piers: Tuan Chau international passenger port or Ha Long international passenger port with the fare corresponding to each sightseeing route. Note: Sightseeing tickets do not include the cost of chartering a boat to visit the bay, so visitors must find out and choose the right boat rental for their needs. The cost of chartering a boat is negotiated between the guests and the ship owner or through the "triggers" - travel brokers around the piers.


Choose how to visit on the train

Visiting Ha Long Bay on cruise ships has the great advantage that visitors can experience the closest to the natural wonder, watch the limestone mountains rise with all kinds of shapes, explore stalactite caves. rocks, visit floating fishing villages, kayaking, bathing at the island's beach, eating and sleeping on the bay....vv


There are 5 routes to visit Ha Long Bay

There are 05 routes to visit Ha Long Bay with different lengths and short durations, suitable for visitors to plan their own groups and families.


Additional costs when visiting the bay

On the bay, there will be many activities for visitors to increase their experience. This cost is not mandatory, customers can buy or not buy. Understanding the prices and costs for incurred services helps tourists be more proactive in their trip plans, as well as exchange information in advance with the tour vehicle rental owner. The following is a list of some costs - Meals on board - Kayak rental - Boat rides - Cave visit costs

Ha Long International Passenger Port, 2 white 5-star international ships, blue sea water, fire bridge in the distance, aerial photos, daytime photos

Visit Ha Long Bay - World Natural Wonder.

Visiting Ha Long Bay, visitors can enjoy the majestic limestone mountains that were formed more than 20 million years ago floating on the romantic emerald green water, explore stalactite caves, swim in the sea. On the island, eat and sleep overnight on a yacht, kayak, visit ancient fishing villages that are listed in the top list of the most beautiful villages in the world...